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Lamp for plants

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For your winter garden, we offer you a waterproof LED lamp that supports the photosynthesis of plants! At the same time, it illuminates them in different shades, which gives an attractive atmosphere to your home!

Easily adjust the inclination of the four light fixtures as well as the metal rods to the desired angle to increase lighting efficiency.

Easy installation - just place the lamp in the place of your choice and connect it to the USB port.

The Grow Light lamp can be successfully used both for lighting indoor plants (especially those that have a limited amount of daylight), hydroponic cultivation, and greenhouse cultivation. It will be ideal for both amateurs and professionals. It can be used to illuminate not only home flowers, but also herbs and vegetables.

It has a remote control and 3 lighting modes - red, blue, a combination of red and blue light /purple/.

An LED grow light supports photosynthesis, thanks to which it helps plants grow and feed. Using it allows you to properly care for the plants you grow and their vegetation, including both small seedlings and cuttings, as well as mature plants.


timer: 4, 8, and 12 hours
number of LEDs: 80
power supply: USB
waterproof: IP 54
emit color: red and blue
GROW LED type: red - 660nm, blue - 460nm
4 glowing panels
tilt angle up to 360 degrees
light intensity adjustment: yes, 10 steps
memory function: yes
bulb length: 14cm
Length of flexible rod: 39 cm
stand adjustment: 73-153 cm
maximum dimensions: 195 x 120 cm
weight with packaging: 1,600 g



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