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Automatic flow-through gas boiler 24 kw

Automatic flow-through gas boiler 24 kw Automatic flow-through gas boiler 24 kw

Constant flow gas boiler 24 kw with automatic regulation and temperature maintenance, regardless of the water flow rate. Suitable for home use, house, cottage.


Works with mains power 220 volts.

Power 24 kw, provides up to 12 liters of hot water per minute.

Precise control and maintenance of water temperature up to 60 degrees.

The boiler works fully automatically, when water is supplied, an electronic module ignites the gas and maintains the set temperature of the outgoing water. When the water stops, the water heater turns off automatically.

On the front panel there is a touch display for controlling and visualizing water temperature.

Modern design and quality workmanship from stainless materials.

Guaranteed security with double protection. The boiler works only when there is a water flow.

Warranty 24 months

Technical parameters:

gas and water inlet and outlet pipes - standard 1/2" threads
dimensions of the chimney - Ф60 mm
boiler dimensions - Width 38 cm / Height 57 cm / Thickness 13 cm
weight 13 kg
water pressure - 0.02-0.8 mPa
gas pressure - 30mBar /reducer-valve for low pressure is necessary/
electric supply of the water heater - 220 volts (40 watts)
mounting brackets - stationary plates of the water heater for fixing to a wall
fittings in the set - gas nozzle
delta t of water - 25 degrees /this is the temperature difference between incoming and outgoing water, which provides the water heater at 12 liters of water per minute/


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